Second hand smoke damages innocent bystanders in 20 minutes

Second hand smoke damages innocent bystanders in 20 minutes

Breathing in secondhand smoke in confined areas such as cars, leads to airway restriction for innocent non-smoking bystanders within 20 minutes.

The study found that secondhand exposure to cigarettes effects on the body includes near-immediate physiologic changes, including airway resistance and impedance.

“Nonsmokers are forced to inhale extreme amounts of fine particles directly into their lungs.  The observed short-term effects of secondhand smoke tell us that even a short exposure is harmful for normal airways.  Secondhand smoking is the most widespread form of violence exerted on children and workers on a global level.  The whole issue of secondhand smoke needs to be recognized as a global problem of human rights violation
University of Athens Professor Panagiotis Behrakis.

“Exposure to secondhand smoke can have short and long-term effects on our health, especially in children”
American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) President-Elect Darcy D. Marciniuk.

Study by Greek specialists as presented at CHEST 2012, the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) in Atlanta.  Behrakis and colleagues from the University of Athens, the Hellenic Cancer Society in Greece, and the Harvard School of Public Health, tested 15 healthy participants to air heavily concentrated with smoke particulates within a confined area for 20 minutes and measured total respiratory impedance, resistance and reactance.  As reported by Medical Express on October 22, 2012. 


Posted: Friday 15 March 2013