Diabetes predicted to hit 27% of New Zealanders

Diabetes predicted to hit 27% of New Zealanders

We are following in the steps of almost every other Western country and allowing our diet, lifestyle and environment to kill us younger and younger.

“We found an alarmingly high prevalence of diabetes or pre-diabetes in working age groups.  The implications of increased NZ diabetes-related morbidity and mortality are considerable”
Researcher Dr Kirsten Coppell.

2013 Otago University Research:

  • Almost 20% of adult New Zealanders are now facing the prospect of diabetes
  • This is one in five
  • This was additional to the 7% of adults who already had diabetes at the time
  • This means 27% of New Zealand adults either had diabetes or were at high risk of diabetes 4 years ago
    (this will have grown dramatically since then)

Study by University of Otago researchers Dr Kirsten Coppell and Professor Jim Mann and colleagues, from the University’s Edgar National Centre for Diabetes and Obesity Research, as published in the New Zealand Medical Journal on March 1, 2013.  The blood samples from 3,348 people came from the 2008/2009 NZ Adult Nutrition Survey (NZANS), conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Health.  Other data collected included demographics, tobacco use, alcohol consumption and medical history, including a specific question about diabetes.  As reported by 3 News and medicalexpress.com on Friday March 1, 2013.


Posted: Sunday 10 March 2013