Drinks industry condemns plan for minimum alcohol pricing as predicted

Drinks industry condemns plan for minimum alcohol pricing as predicted

What a surprise!  Remember the cigarette industry knew that cigarettes caused lung cancer in 1932 but lied about it, fought scientists, advertised, marketed and even sold it as a ‘health food’, and finally admitted it killed people in 1992.

We know that the more you increase the price of booze the fewer the deaths from liver disease and heart disease.  This has been proven.  So it is no surprise that the drinks industry is squirming and screaming out rubbish like this.  We know the lower the rates of drinking alcohol, the lower the crime, the lower the domestic violence.

See my many alcohol blogs on this – with the science and proof attached.

The original and independent research predicted raising the prices of alcohol would lead to 2,000 fewer deaths and 66,000 fewer hospital admissions after 10 years, while the number of crimes would fall by 24,000 a year.

The Scotch Whisky Association and the Wine and Spirits Trade Association, both companies that make their profits from alcohol consumption, have opposed the proposed changes to the law. 

Just like British American Tobacco and all the rest did when it was suggested we needed law changes, price increases and banned smoking areas to lower the smoking rates. 

They all said it would not work. 

Guess what, it worked

As reported in The Telegraph 10 Feb 2013.

Posted: Wednesday 6 March 2013