Cancer of the pancreas on rise

Cancer of the pancreas on rise

Pancreatic cancer is very deadly and soon to be only second to lung cancer as a cancer cause of death.

Pancreatic cancer is currently the fourth-leading cancer killer and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has predicted it will surpass breast, prostate and bowel cancers over the next few years.

The American Cancer Society states that the incidence of pancreatic cancer has been rising 1.5% each year since 2004.

Why are the numbers increasing of this highly-preventable cancer? 

Because the risk factors associated with it are all on the rise. 

Obesity, diabetes and smoking are the lead culprits.  

These are all preventable through diet, lifestyle and environmental changes.

Sadly, around 95% of people who get pancreatic cancer die within 5 years. 

 Dr. Bose Debashish, a pancreatic-cancer surgeon at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando, told the Orlando Sentinel, “By the time this silent cancer presents with symptoms, 85% of patients are not candidates for surgical correction”.


Posted: Thursday 21 February 2013