Heart disease still the biggest killer in Europe 2013

Heart disease still the biggest killer in Europe 2013

Sadly this preventable lifestyle disease continues to grow worldwide.

  • Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are still the main cause of death in Europe
  • CVD accounts for nearly 2 million deaths each year
  • 40% of all deaths in the EU are from CVD
  • In 34 of 40 European countries with available data, more than 50% of adult men were affected by overweight and obesity
  • The Health Behaviour of School-aged Children survey of 35 European countries revealed that less than 50% consumed fruit or vegetables daily

What are the three agreed causes of CVD? 

Smoking, a lack of physical exercise and bad eating habits.  These are all behavioural and all modifiable and changeable. 

Where is one of the highest rates of smoking and drinking in the world?

Russia.  The death rate for Russian men under 65 is more than 13 times higher than in France and for women it is almost 16 times higher.

Here is the real kicker: Barely 3% of the healthcare budget for CVD is reserved for prevention even though we know that 95% of heart disease is preventable through changes in diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Education is the key but the money is being spent on other things…

The study report is the European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics as provided by the European Heart Network (an alliance of heart foundations and nongovernmental organisations), and the European Society of Cardiology.

Posted: Tuesday 19 February 2013