Diabetes increases heart attack risk by 48%

Diabetes increases heart attack risk by 48%

Diabetes also means you are 65% more likely to have heart failure than the rest of the population.

The 2012 National Diabetes Audit - produced by the NHS Information Centre - presents data from England and Wales on the complications that arise due to diabetes.  The audit included data from nearly 2 million people with diabetes during 2010-2011 covering 85% of diabetes patients in England and 54% of patients in Wales.

Compared to the prevalence of health conditions in the wider population of England and Wales, the audit found that people with diabetes have:

  • 71% increased risk of angina
  • 65% increased risk of heart failure
  • 48% increased risk of heart attack
  • 25% increased risk of stroke
  • Admission to a hospital for heart failure was the strongest predictor of death, with an increase of 261%
  • The audit found 24,120 additional diabetes-associated deaths in England and Wales during 2010-11
  • People with type 1 diabetes had a 135% increased risk
  • People with type 2 diabetes showed a 36% increased risk
As reported by nursingtimes.net on December 16, 2012.

Posted: Thursday 7 February 2013