Cholesterol again shown to cause heart disease

Cholesterol again shown to cause heart disease

This brand new research shows how the risk of ischemic heart disease is three times higher in people with high levels of the so-called ‘ugly’ cholesterol.

“High ugly cholesterol is the result of high blood levels of normal fat (triglycerides).  The most important cause of high ugly cholesterol is overweight and obesity.  Persons with high ugly cholesterol should therefore be advised to lose weight”
Professor Børge Nordestgaard, chief physician at Herlev Hospital and Clinical Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

“To be able to examine the correlation between ugly cholesterol and heart disease, we have used blood samples from persons having a genetic defect which means that they suffer from high ugly cholesterol their entire life.  The research findings do therefore not depend on their lifestyle patterns in general.  Unhealthy lifestyle factors such as smoking, fatty foods and overweight all increase the risk of heart disease, and the blood samples from persons having this genetic defect thus give the most accurate results”
Anette Varbo, physician and PhD student at Herlev Hospital.

Study published in the January 21, 2013 issue of Cardiology, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  This research covered 73,000 Danes and was based on data from the Herlev-Østerbro study, the Østerbro study and the Copenhagen heart study.  The ugly cholesterol is called ‘remnant-like particle cholesterol’ and this research shows it is the ugly cholesterol that is the direct cause of arteriosclerosis (a lack of oxygen to the heart muscle due to narrowing, blocking or hardening of the coronary arteries), resulting in ischaemic heart disease and early death. 

Posted: Wednesday 30 January 2013