Gout rising in New Zealand yet almost entirely preventable

Gout rising in New Zealand yet almost entirely preventable

“Once dubbed a disease of kings, the debilitating condition is increasingly striking down the country’s deprived communities”.

This preventable ‘disease of kings’ now strikes NZ poor:

  • Hospital admissions from gout rose 5.5% per year in New Zealand 1999-2009
  • Processed refined foods, meat, sugar and alcohol are almost always to blame

Otago University associate professor Tony Merriman, who assisted on the study, said …this trend follows similar increases in rates of diabetes, heart disease and kidney problems.  (The diet that causes gout) was a diet once reserved for kings, including Henry VIII who is known to have suffered terrible gout in his later years.  Back then kings had access to these foods, but it’s actually been reversed.  It’s now a disease of the lower socio-economic groups”.

Study published in the medical journal Rheumatology, October 2012.  In the biggest study of its kind, researchers found a dramatic increase in people suffering from gout in both New Zealand and England between1999-2009.  The report showed there were 10,241 hospital admissions due to gout in New Zealand over the decade, and a further 34,318 admissions for health problems complicated by gout  These were generally higher in Maori or a Pacific Islanders and men made up about three-quarters of those admitted with gout.  As reported by stuff.co.nz on October 15, 2012. 

Posted: Monday 17 December 2012