Diabetes disaster in Mexico as 2012 obesity levels soar

Diabetes disaster in Mexico as 2012 obesity levels soar

Every hour in Mexico now, 38 new diabetes cases are confirmed.  This is 900 per day or over 6,000 per week.  This is due to Mexico following the standard American diet (SAD).  New Zealand, Australia and the UK are all (sadly) following the same sick path.

What are the sad new facts?  According to Mexico’s 2012 Secretariat of Health:

  • Mexicans are now more obese than anywhere else on Earth except the United States
  • Obesity levels have TRIPLED in the past three decades
  • Mexico now has the #1 childhood (5-11) obesity rates anywhere in the world
  • Over 35% of children are obese
  • Over 82% of Mexican women are overweight or obese
  • Over 20% of Mexican women are at risk for diabetes
  • Over 64% of Mexican men are overweight or obese
  • Over 25% of Mexican men are at risk for diabetes
  • The average Mexican consumes 172 litres of sugary drinks from Coca-Cola per year - an average of half a litre every day
  • From 2000-2006 there were 270,000 diabetes deaths in Mexico
  • From 2006-2012 there were 482,654 diabetes deaths in Mexico
  • This is a 79% growth in just 6 years
  • Every hour, 38 new diabetes cases are confirmed
  • Every day over 900 new diabetes cases are confirmed
  • Every week over 6,000 new diabetes cases are confirmed
  • Diabetes is now the No. 1 killer in Mexico
  • Upwards of 10 million Mexicans now have diabetes
  • Over 70,000 Mexicans die from diabetes-related illness each year
  • 400,000 young people under age 15 suffer from diabetes
  • Mexicans used to return to their homes for long lunch breaks eating freshly prepared food.  Now they buy from American fast food outlets.  

Reyes de Ortega of the Mexican Diabetes Association says “10 years ago diabetes was a problem among people 55 years and older but now we see cases in young people 12 and 13 years old.  It’s a bomb. It’s an extremely urgent problem”.

Dr. Abelardo Avila Curiel, a physician and expert in population studies at one of Mexico’s most prestigious medical centers, the Salvador Zubiran National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, says: “…the increase in diabetes and the costs associated with it, it can’t be paid for.  By the year 2020, it will be catastrophic.  By 2030, it faces collapse”.

Carmen Reyes de Ortega, the executive director of the Mexican Diabetes Association, a nonprofit advocacy and educational group says “Diabetes is the primary cause of blindness in Mexico. It’s also the main reason for amputations.  The panorama is not goodWe’ll have a lot of people suffering blindness, with mobility problems and needing dialysis”.

As reported by mcclatchydc.com on Tuesday November 20, 2012.


Posted: Thursday 13 December 2012