Cancer is a war the west probably cannot win without change

Cancer is a war the west probably cannot win without change

Curing cancer is not going that well according to some of the world’s leading experts.

Forty years ago, when Richard Nixon signed the U.S. National Cancer Act, most Americans thought a cure would be found in five years.

The bottom line is that the richer a country gets, the more processed and refined foods get eaten, and the more meat gets eaten, the more cancer occurs.

Cancer rates in 2011 were 12 million.  The prediction for 2030 is 22 million.

Here is a quote from Christina Patterson in a great and responsible article on cancer in The Huffington Post on November 2, 2012:

“If you were a health minister, you would know at least one thing that causes cancer.  You would know, for example, that cigarettes kill more than half the people who smoke.  But you’d also know, if you had looked at all the studies, and not just at the cost of treatment, that the risk of cancer goes up if you eat a lot of processed foods, and sugar, and salt, and red meat, and if you drink a lot of wine, or beer, or spirits, and if you don't do much exercise, and if you’re fat.  It’s a shame it does.  Most of us like drinking wine, and beer, and spirits, and eating sugar, and salt, and red meat, and most of us like sitting down.  Most of us think it would be very, very nice if we could eat what we wanted, and drink what we wanted, and do what we wanted, and be as healthy as we wanted, but the truth, as the studies show, is that we can’t.  The truth, as the studies show, is that the way we live is making us ill”.

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Posted: Friday 30 November 2012