Alcohol companies starting to look very desperate, paranoid and greedy...

Alcohol companies starting to look very desperate, paranoid and greedy…

The booze companies say alcohol is a ‘social enabler’.  It certainly used to be.  Now it is a poisonous social epidemic.  I gave up alcohol 27 years ago without issue and it was one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life.

We know the damage that alcohol causes in society. 

To people, to friends, to families, to your cells, even to your future children through your weakened genetic expression. 

Yet a group of people who sell alcohol are telling us about how to drink?

Spare me. 

As I blogged yesterday, alcoholism shortens life more than smoking.

See here for that story:

So what do alcohol sellers do…?

They follow the lead of the tobacco industry by launching a campaign to promote the 'virtues' of their product in the face of Government crackdowns.  The launch of the drinking ‘social change initiative’ comes just months after British American Tobacco’s campaign against the Government’s plain packaging initiative for cigarettes in New Zealand.  Maybe the booze industry is taking lessons from the tobacco industry?

Fairfax and in a article reports; “The Tomorrow Project, backed by the Brewer’s Association, Distilled Spirits Association and New Zealand Winegrowers, launched in Auckland on Wednesday November 21, 2012”. 

“Information on this website promotes alcohol as a ‘social enabler’ used for both celebrating and commiserating.  The liquor industry website takes drinkers through various drinking scenarios, from having a party to going out on the town.  When talking to teens about drinking, the site said to “discuss the pros and cons objectively together”.  You need to aim for a balance: Warn them of the dangers and make them aware of the laws; but also explain that adults can safely enjoy moderate social drinking”.

Just like we have been doing?  Yeah right.

Rebecca Williams, the director of Alcohol Healthwatch, said the new project was a joke “The alcohol industry has put this together as a huge PR exercise to delay effective policy measures from happening on this issue.  They are trying to show governments across the world something is being done, but it’s just a smoke screen.  These companies are just out to get money.  They don’t give a brass razoo about the risks and they have to be held to be honest about it”.

A group of academics and Capital and Coast District Health Board sent a public warning yesterday, saying “the initiative is just a ploy to improve the alcohol industry’s reputation to block law reform”.

Alcohol Action NZ said the public should “not be fooled” by the launch, saying “it is simply a way of moving more alcohol from the shelves.  It is simply a marketing exercise, dressed up as a health promotion event.  Using a well-documented alcohol industry tactic, it is a cynically designed exercise to attempt to improve their public image, while increasing beer, wine and spirit sales”.

The group of opponents said “strategies proposed on the website are just designed to avoid any real alcohol reform”.

Wake up and do not be fooled by this greedy, stupid, paranoid, deceitful and money-hungry attempt to make you think alcohol is somehow healthy or normal.  Alcohol is a poison and the 'normalisation' of it is disgraceful.  Just as it was with cigarettes.  And what has the normalisation of cigarettes gotten us?  Over 50 million deaths every 10 years and one innocent non-smoking Kiwi death every single day just because they happened to be around someone else smoking.

Are we learning yet?

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The “The Tomorrow Project” launch was reported by Fairfax NZ News and on Wednesday 21 November 2012.

Posted: Friday 23 November 2012