Meat consumption and cancer risk

Meat consumption and cancer risk

Lead author, Urmila Chandran, a research teaching specialist at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, said “this [latest] research supports encouraging Caucasian women to limit their intake of both red meat and poultry in order to reduce their risk of breast cancer”.

The Cancer Institute of New Jersey compared 873 Caucasian women with breast cancer and with 865 Caucasian women without breast cancer. 

They found that those with the highest consumption of unprocessed red meat and poultry had an increased breast cancer risk compared to Caucasian women with the lowest intake.

The study found:

  1. Meat and chicken intake increased breast cancer risk
  2. The higher the intake of meat and chicken, the higher the risk
  3. The link was even greater among young and middle aged women before they hit menopause

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As reported by The Huffington Post on November 2, 2012. 

Posted: Friday 9 November 2012