Depression medicine no better than a placebo

Depression medicine no better than a placebo

Professor Pessah Lichtenberg, head of the psychiatric department at Jerusalem’s Herzog Psychogeriatric Hospital, and colleagues found that after assessing information from 25,000 patients, antidepressant medication was no more effective in treating light or moderate depression than doing nothing at all.

The massive research project
Study meta-analysis of 177 studies as published in PLoS One (Public Library of Science) August 2012.  The study was initiated by Professor Arif Khan, a board-certified psychiatrist at the Duke University School of Medicine and the medical director of the Northwest Clinical Research Center in Bellevue, Washington. 

Professor Lichtenberg said “The message is that when there is depression, it should be treated, but how it should be treated is less clear.  …antidepressants are prescribed too easily even though other techniques with fewer side effects could be just as effective”.  As reported by on August 16, 2012.

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Posted: Wednesday 7 November 2012