Meat rich modern diet raises asthma and hay fever

Meat rich modern diet raises asthma and hay fever

The University of Western Sydney study looked at 156,035 Australians in the ’45 and Up Study’ and found that increased meat and dairy intake raised asthmatic or hay fever incidence by 10% to 25%.

Rosenkranz and colleagues said “Diets generally high in meat appear to be risk factors for asthma and hay fever.  Among potential factors to consider in determining how a Western diet, or other meat-based diets, may pose a risk for asthma and/or hay fever are saturated fat consumption, exposures from processing or cooking, and fast food and takeaway consumption, marked by high intakes of sodium and fat.  Taken together, the overall pattern of these risk and protective factors suggests that adherence to a more meat-based diet may pose risk for asthma and hay fever”. 

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Study by R.R. Rosenkranz, S.K. Rosenkranz and K.J.J. Neesen “Dietary factors associated with lifetime asthma or hay fever diagnosis in Australian middle-aged and older adults: a cross-sectional study” as published in Nutrition Journal 2012. 

Posted: Thursday 18 October 2012