Depression grows to 350 million worldwide

Depression grows to 350 million worldwide

Nearly one million people take their lives every year and more than half of them have depression.

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that more than 350 million people now suffer from depression globally.

Can you make a huge difference to depression through diet?


  • The University of Navarra Diet and Lifestyle Study of 9,000 people found that those who ate junk-foods were 51% more likely to develop depression.
  • The 25-year research published in the British Journal of Psychiatry concluded “…there is a direct relationship between poor dietary choices and depression…” 
  • In 1998 psychiatrist and biochemist Joseph Hibbeln noticed depression was up to 60 times less common in countries such as Japan and Taiwan, where the population eats “a plant-based wholefood diet – rich in natural proteins and essential fatty acids”.
  • Sunlight levels and exposure is directly related to depression levels.

The most significant changes you can make to lower, reverse, treat or prevent getting depression are diet, lifestyle and environmental changes.  

Posted: Tuesday 16 October 2012