Apples are a secret to longevity

Apples are a secret to longevity

I heard a funny thing from a member this morning.  They said “I was told not to eat apples because of the cyanide in the pips…”  I was in the middle of reading an article about apples when I got the email!  I have just had to blog it straight away!

This is a classic case of ‘nonsense’.  Apples are one of the best foods in the world – eaten whole and complete.  Apples in fact, get better the more you eat – their beneficial effect on almost all areas of the body is cumulative.  Almost all foods have toxic chemicals in them in minute doses, this is part of nature but apples (like most foods) have these in amounts that are tiny, infinitesimal and harmless.

Here is that great article I read today on apples:

Posted: Monday 8 October 2012