How your diet can help prevent cardiac problems

How your diet can help prevent cardiac problems

Here is yet another large study showing how heart disease is a food borne illness and that the best treatment of all is simply to eat a vegetarian diet.

This large, new study of women was conducted by Dr. Alicja Wolk, and colleagues, at the Institute of Environmental Medicine, in Stockholm, Sweden and published in the October 2012 issue of American Journal of Medicine.

The research showed that women who consumed just seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day had a 20% decrease in heart attacks compared with women who consumed the average amount of 2 ½ servings a day.  

The researchers also pointed out that single component ‘synthetic’ antioxidant pills did not have the same effect.  “In contrast to supplements of single antioxidants, the dietary total antioxidant capacity reflects all present antioxidants, including thousands of compounds, all of them in doses present in our usual diet, and even takes into account their synergistic effects” said Dr. Wolk.

Posted: Sunday 7 October 2012