Diabetes linked to harmful bugs in the gut

Diabetes linked to harmful bugs in the gut

The 'food and type II diabetes' link has been established for decades, making it one of the most deadly and destructive modern lifestyle illnesses in the world.  Food feeds the gut to grow protective bacteria or pathogenic bacteria which can then lead to diabetes.

More research on gut health
The scientists have confirmed that people with type II diabetes had a higher level of damaging pathogenic bacteria in their gut.  Study leader, Professor Jun Wang, from Copenhagen University, examined the intestinal bacteria of 345 people from China - 171 with type 2 diabetes - and identified clear biological indicators of the condition, saying “We have demonstrated people with type 2 diabetes have a high level of pathogens in their intestines”. 

Other studies carried out in Denmark have reached the same conclusion, finding imbalanced function of intestinal bacteria and composition. 

Professor Karsten Kristiansen said The Europeans and Chinese were able to make important new discoveries about the relationship between intestinal bacteria and health.  The new discovery indicates a possible connection between type II diabetes and intestinal bacteria.  It is important to point out our discovery demonstrates a correlation”.

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Study published in Nature, 2012. 

Posted: Wednesday 3 October 2012