Depression and asthma linked in people worldwide

Depression and asthma linked in people worldwide

Those with asthma have more than double the rates of depression than non-asthmatics. 

The research looked at data information from more than 245,700 people in 57 countries who had completed the 2002 World Health Survey.  They confirmed that those with asthma had more than double the rates of depression.  People who experience depression have increased severity of asthma, a greater risk of hospitalization and a higher risk of dying.  

The health researchers said “Despite a range of country differences that could affect the association of asthma with depression…the results of this study indicate that the co-occurrence of asthma and depression is a universal phenomenon”. 

I have blogged before on the asthma and diet relationship. 

We also know of the junk-foods "raising depression by over 50%" relationship.

What links them together?  Diet.

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Study by Adrian Loerbroks, of Heidelberg University’s Mannheim Institute of Public Health in Germany, and colleagues, as published in the August 9, 2012 issue of the International Journal of Epidemiology.  As reported by MyHealthNewsDaily on August 22, 2012.

Posted: Monday 1 October 2012