Sugary drinks create weight gain

Sugary drinks create weight gain

What a surprise eh?  Soft drinks and sugary drinks make you overweight. 

As I have been preparing my new seminar tour I have been re-looking over the obesity, overweight and weight loss research. 

It all says the same thing…

“Collectively, the studies all support the view that restriction of the consumption of sweetened drinks will facilitate weight reduction.  These publications support the scientific rationale behind the recent actions taken by [New York City] Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the NYC Council to ban supersized soft drinks in NYC.  Given the scientific evidence presented in these and other articles, restriction of high-caloric sugar-laden beverages would be one simple measure to stem the tide of the growing obesity epidemic…”
Gerard Mullin, MD, MHS, of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, in talking to MedPage Today.

Here is the full article:

Posted: Sunday 23 September 2012