US Junk food sadly continues to expand across New Zealand

US Junk food sadly continues to expand across New Zealand

“American burger chain Carl’s Jr could become a bigger seller than KFC,” fast food franchise operator Restaurant Brands said yesterday.

New Zealand is simply following the American path to sickness and obesity reported yesterday that “the first Carl’s Jr restaurant opens at the end of November in Mangere’s town centre in South Auckland and Restaurant Brands is also on track to open another three by early January”. 

The worse quote of the day was Restaurant Brands chief executive Russel Creedy saying “If we got 60 Carl’s Jr stores [in NZ] that would be pretty darn good”.

Even worse is the news that the Auckland arm of this business is co-owned by former All Black great, Michael Jones.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  From a slim, healthy young role model to this. 

How many sick, overweight children is this business going to create? Thousands, and there is your new legacy.

How are the junk-food chains doing here in NZ? 

Fine thanks.

The article reports the following:

  • Restaurant Brands second quarter sales were up 2.3% across KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks
  • They had sales of $96.1 million for the 16 weeks to September 10
  • Same store sales rose 3.7%
  • KFC sales were up 1.8% to $73.3m for the period and success is due to the return of the much-publicised Double Down burger [rated the worse junk-food ever released by some], the introduction of the KFC Pie [do Kiwis look like they need to eat more pies?], and $20 Dinner Deals
  • Pizza Hut sales rose 9.5% to $15.3m
  • Same store sales rose 26.5% with the $4.90 Large Classics Pizza a big success

Full sad story here:

Posted: Friday 21 September 2012