Obesity epidemic simple to defeat

Obesity epidemic simple to defeat

There is a great article posted today on the genuine simplicity of reversing the obesity epidemic and how it all comes down to one simple thing; what you eat.

The Yale Daily News quotes Dr. David Katz, Professor of Preventive Medicine at the Yale Medical School and an expert on obesity: “Obesity is not only an epidemic, but arguably the gravest and most poorly controlled public health threat of our time.  It is a genuine crisis, taking years from life, and life from years.  We don’t take it seriously enough because it is a calamity in slow motion.  If a natural disaster caused this much damage, it would rank among the worst of all time.  We bog down in debates about whether this is a matter of personal responsibility or public policy, instead of accepting it is both and doing all we can to put an end to the crisis.  We also act as if obesity is complex and needs endless research into causes.  This is not rocket science.  Diet is the more important factor for weight control”

Full article here: http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/2012/sep/11/obesity-epidemic-simple-to-defeat/

Posted: Wednesday 12 September 2012