Exercise cuts heart disease regardless of age

Exercise cuts heart disease regardless of age

Moving the body is one of the simple pillars to health and longevity.  Moving is the one thing that separates the dead from the living.  Those who have moving body parts are alive, once they stop, your life is over.

The latest study shows that even if you have not been active for many years, just getting out there and starting to mow the lawn or take daily walks can have massive benefits to your health profile - regardless of age.

Just 2.5 hours of movement per week can supress inflammation – which is a major part of the cause of heart disease.

The take-home message is to walk every day that you can.

Full article from The Daily Mail here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2187935/Heart-disease-Its-late-exercise-Major-new-British-study-proves-starting-gardening-walking-DIY-fifties-cut-risk-heart-disease.html#ixzz23b6WkyMK

Posted: Wednesday 5 September 2012