Sleep less and you almost guarantee to pack on weight

Sleep less and you almost guarantee to pack on weight

Get more sleep is one of the basic simple tenants that I advise all the people I work with.  If you want to heal, regenerate, rebuild, strengthen, get well and stay well then get more sleep.

The latest science
In the journal “Bioessays” a group of University of Aberdeen scientists are suggesting that “we’re getting fatter because humans are trying to beat the clock”.  Website reports that Dr. Cathy Wyse who works with the chronobiology research group at the University of Aberdeen said “Electric light allowed humans to override an ancient synchronization between the rhythm of the human clock and the environment, and over the last century, daily rhythms in meal, sleep and working times have gradually disappeared from our lives.  Studies in microbes, plants and animals have shown that synchronization of the internal clock with environmental rhythms is important for health and survival, and it is highly likely that this is true in humans as well”.

The article goes on to reference the study in Endocrine Reviews explaining “In mammals, the circadian clock influences nearly all aspects of physiology and behavior, including sleep-wake cycles, cardiovascular activity, endocrine system, body temperature, renal activity, physiology of the gastrointestinal tract, and hepatic metabolism.”  

The authors noted that heart attacks, acute cases of congestive heart failure, hypertensive crises and asthma attacks all peak at a certain time of the day, based on epidemiological study results.

the bottom line is that we are designed to be asleep for around 30% of the time - any less and it WILL catch up with you. 

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Posted: Monday 3 September 2012