McDonald’s Happy Meals toys to be banned in Chile

McDonald’s Happy Meals toys to be banned in Chile

All around the world people are waking up to the fact that it is not just parents that need to change if we are to save our children’s health.  The diet, lifestyle and environments must change as well.  As parents we can take care of the diet and lifestyle of our children at home but the local environment - as in the takeaways giants - that needs to change as well.

My new favourite Senator
In Chile, Senator Giudo Girardi said as he filed a formal complaint with the health ministry “These businesses know that this food damages the health of children and they know that the law is in effect.  They’re using fraudulent and abusive means.  These corporations threatened that if the law was approved there would be no more money for children’s foundations, the sick, or athletes, but we were finally able to create a great alliance between the civil society and scientists to defeat these lobbyists”.

Sara Deon, an activist with Corporate Accountability International, said “Chilean public servants should have no illusions.  Judging from McDonald’s response to similar health laws in the U.S. we’d expect the corporation to respond as it long has: it will fight tooth and nail to continue marketing to children.  It will take every opportunity to blame parents for today’s health epidemic.  Marketing to kids is core to McDonald’s brand and to its bottom line.”

I applaud the brave choice that Chile has taken to protect its children.

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Reported by Fox News Latino & the Associated Press on August 02, 2012.

Posted: Monday 13 August 2012