Alcohol intensifies drug effects in the body

Alcohol intensifies drug effects in the body

Drinking while drug taking can be fatal in illicit drugs and in mainstream prescription medications.  Alcohol simply allows the drug uptake to be that much higher.  When you are talking about a daily dose of medication and what that means with your daily tipple, then you are heading for real trouble…

The research
Christel Bergström and colleagues in the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics, talk about mixing of alcohol and medications and the safety risks involved.  Alcohol combined with certain medications causes liver damage, stomach bleeding and other side effects and makes the drugs “three times more available to the body, effectively tripling the original dose.”  They found that some drugs do not dissolve well in the gastrointestinal tract, and alcohol (ethanol), can change how enzymes interact with these medicines.

The scientists used a simulated small intestine environment to test how rapidly 22 different medications dissolved.  They saw that almost 60% of the medications dissolved much faster when taken with alcohol and the more acidic drugs such as Warfarin, Tamoxifen and Naproxen, were more affected.

What is the simple lesson here?

Do not ever mix drugs and alcohol.

Study reported on July 29, 2012 by Red Orbit & Wire Reports.


Posted: Thursday 9 August 2012