Drinking alcohol even in moderation is a dementia risk

Drinking alcohol even in moderation is a dementia risk

The researchers found that moderate drinkers were approximately 60% more likely to develop mental problems. 

They also found that non-drinkers, who became drinkers, had a 200% heightened risk of diminished mental skills.

The research

  • The researchers tracked the health over 20 years of 1,300 women in their mid-60s and found that the more those women drank alcohol, the higher the risk factor for brain damage from mild cognitive impairment to dementia
  • The researchers confirmed that even ‘moderate’ drinking of 7-14 drinks a week, gave a higher risk of future dementia
  • A second study, led by researcher Dr. Iain Lang at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in the United Kingdom, and a group of US researchers, on 5,075 adults, showed those who had heavy bouts of drinking (once monthly), were more likely to experience dementia-like problems
  • Researcher Tina Hoang, of the Veterans Health Research Institute in San Francisco, said “In this group of older women, moderate alcohol consumption was not protective”
  • Dr Marie Janson, of Alzheimer’s Research UK, said “There is mounting evidence linking alcohol consumption to cognitive decline, but this research delves deeper by examining the effects of different drinking patterns in more detail”

Studies presented on Wednesday 18 July, 2012 to the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference annual meeting in Vancouver, Canada.  As reported by businessweek.com, HealthDay and the BBC News on 18 July 2012.


Posted: Tuesday 7 August 2012