Vitamin E could protect against liver cancer

Vitamin E could protect against liver cancer

Vitamin E-rich foods are wonderful.  Nuts, seeds, avocados and leafy green vegetables to name a few.  Eat them regularly and your skin will improve from the vitamin E oils to the plant nutrition inside.  However, do not mistake this with a vitamin E pill as they are not the same thing at all…

Vitamin E-rich foods are amazing
Researchers found that the more vitamin E-rich foods a person consumed, the lower their risk of liver cancer.  The results held true even among people who had a family history of liver cancer, or who had had liver disease in the past. 

Some things to note:

  • Men who took multivitamin pills or vitamin C pills were shown to have an increased risk of liver cancer
  • In another 2012 study in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, it was shown that the two natural forms of vitamin E (gamma-tocopherols and delta-tocopherols), found in foods, helped to stop cancer from growing in mice
  • That same study found that the synthetic alpha-tocopherol vitamin E - as found in pills - had no protective effect at all
  • Chung S. Yang, director of the Center for Cancer Prevention Research at Rutgers, said that a Cancer Prevention Research study found the natural ‘food form’ delta-tocopherol vitamin E stops colon cancer development in rats more than other kinds of synthetic vitamin E
  • A Journal of the American Medical Association 2011 study showed that men who take synthetic vitamin E pills could have a 17% increased risk of prostate cancer 

So what is the smart thing to do?  Eat vitamin E-rich foods most days.

Study analysis from 132,837 people over 10 years, as part of the Shanghai Women’s Health Study or the Shanghai Men’s Health Study, was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 2012.  As reported by on July 21, 2012.

Posted: Wednesday 1 August 2012