Fish oil does not lower heart disease risk in diabetics

Fish oil does not lower heart disease risk in diabetics

Fish oil capsules are the biggest selling supplements in the world.  The question is though, do they work as well as simply eating a diet rich in fresh fish?

Fish is not the same as fish oil
The latest study included about 12,500 patients with diabetes or prediabetes with heart disease or at high risk for stroke.  The participants took a 1-gram fish oil capsule a day or a placebo capsule with both groups showing the same rate of heart attacks, heart strokes and deaths from heart-related causes. 

Study researcher Hertzel Gerstein, MD, of McMaster University in Ontario, Canada said “People who eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids eat fewer foods that may be harmful, such as red meat.  Eating more fish and less red meat may be better for health, but it may not be the omega-3.  We found no effect on future heart outcomes - either positive or negative - with people taking one capsule of omega-3 fatty acid daily”. 

In April 2011, a review of studies involving more than 20,000 patients with heart disease found that fish oil capsules do not prevent heart problems in those with diabetes or prediabetes. 

Study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, 2012.  As reported by WebMD Health News on July 25, 2012.

Posted: Tuesday 31 July 2012