Diet not exercise the key to healthy weight

Diet not exercise the key to healthy weight

The illusion that every government department wants you to believe and every food company wants you to believe, is that you lose weight through exercise.  No, you lose weight by changing what and how much you eat, and then exercising.

The latest research confirms this yet again
Dr Herman Pontzer of the department of anthropology at Hunter College, New York said “…the big reason that Westerners are getting fat is because we eat too much – it’s not because we exercise too little.  Being active is really important to your health but it won’t keep you thin - we need to eat less to do that.  Daily energy expenditure might be an evolved trait that has been shaped by evolution and is common among all people and not some simple reflection of our diverse lifestyles”. 

The ancient people studied
The diet and lifestyle of the Hadza people has changed little in 10,000 years as they still live as hunter gatherers, so they are a great model of much older human diet and lifestyles.  The Hadza people forage for vegetables, berries, roots and fruit, using digging sticks and axes, and hunt animals using bows. These researchers measured energy expenditure in 30 Hadza men and women aged between 18 and 75.  The physical activity, exercise and movement of the Hadza men and women were much higher than those in modern societies but when corrected for size and weight, their metabolic rate was no different.  

The researchers found that even amongst these ancient peoples, in their natural environment and eating their natural diet, the amount of calories we need is a fixed human characteristic.  This clearly suggests that we are growing obese through over-eating rather than a sedentary lifestyle. 

Study by a team of scientists from the US, Tanzania and the UK, as published in the PLoS ONE journal, 2012.  As reported by on July 26, 2012.

Posted: Sunday 29 July 2012