Smokers’ rights website cynical and pathetic

Smokers’ rights website cynical and pathetic

Tobacco giant Philip Morris has set up a fake grassroots, or “astroturf” organisation website here in New Zealand in an attempt to mobilise Kiwi opposition to anti-smoking laws.  Pathetic, disgraceful and desperate.

What is the #1 requirement for a human being to be alive? 

More important than anything else in the world? 

Clean, pure air.

The Fairfax article says “Dr Joseph DiFranza is in New Zealand for a series of public and academic lectures on nicotine addiction and tobacco marketing.  He says in the US, tobacco companies have been backing dummy “rights” organisations with “high-sounding names” for 20 or more years, “trying to create the illusion that there are real live people on their side”.  The only good news, says DiFranza, is that to the best of his knowledge, such movements seldom have any effect.”

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Posted: Sunday 22 July 2012