Around 40% of Chinese doctors smoke cigarettes

Around 40% of Chinese doctors smoke cigarettes

Tobacco expert Wang Chen is the director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Tobacco or Health.  He said on Monday “Medical workers should set a good example to the public by being non-smokers to promote a healthful image but many fail to do it.”

Why do so many Chinese doctors smoke?
Why do you think?  Who stands to gain when health professionals smoke?  It is certainly not the patients of doctors dying in the millions from smoke-related diseases.  It is the cigarette corporations of course.  China ranks #1 globally in terms of the proportion of smokers among male health-care workers, at 40%.  Wang said some medical workers believe people who stop smoking will suffer from lung cancer. 

I wonder who supports and fosters this particular piece of misinformation. 

I wonder… 

How bad is it?

  • China is the largest tobacco producer and consumer in the world
  • Around 40% of Chinese male health workers smoke
  • Many Chinese health-care workers regularly smoke in front of patients
  • Many physicians maintain a culture which condones smoking
  • Some Chinese doctors receive cigarettes as gifts from patients
  • In 2011, China had 300 million smokers and 1 million people died of diseases linked to the habit
  • Doctors smoke in public places, offices and meeting rooms
  • Many medical workers not only deny the hazards of tobacco use to health, but believe it is beneficial

Information from the Chinese Ministry of health as reported by Caixin Online on July 19, 2012.

Posted: Saturday 21 July 2012