There is hope in Government Departments...

There is hope in Government Departments...

I was thrilled to read this morning of the Chinese Health Minister and his efforts to cut down smoking in China.  He is really up against it over there as cigarette companies sponsor schools, sports events and academic institutions.

The World Health Organisation Awards Chen Zhu
The World Health Organization will present a certificate of recognition at a ceremony today attended by WHO chief Margaret Chan.  The Health Ministry released the country’s first official report on the harms of smoking in May, 2012 against much opposition.  The people there are just ill-informed of the deadly effects of tobacco. How could they not be given that China’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration is both tobacco policymaker and overseer of the China National Tobacco Corporation (who is the world’s largest cigarette maker...)

Why is this award such a big deal?

In China:

  • Over 50% of male doctors smoke
  • Nearly 30% of Chinese adults - 300 million people
  • Cigarette companies sponsor schools, sports events and influence and support the academic community (to avoid criticism)
  • Health officials have warned that smoking-related deaths could hit 3 million per year by 2030 without greater efforts

Full report here:

As reported by the Associated Press, Published: July 17.

Posted: Wednesday 18 July 2012