Alcohol boosts bone health in women? What rubbish

Alcohol boosts bone health in women?  What rubbish

It seems that every week there is a new study about how good alcohol or coffee is for you.  Funny how when something that we know is not good for us, becomes widely available everywhere, from local service stations to supermarkets, then studies start appearing to make it seem somehow, healthy...  

Alcohol makes your bones stronger – really?
This study – that was reported everywhere across the internet – from every medical journal to every health site – without question, actually is not rigorous at all.  The study, by Urszula Iwaniec, PhD, associate professor at Oregon State University, was only 14 days long (not long enough for any credibility at all), did not compare – duh, dietary habits (which build bone or decrease bone mass), did not compare exercise levels or habits (exercise builds strong bones), or genetics.  Also over 90% of the women drank alcohol daily before the study began.  Two weeks ‘on or off’ alcohol will not give a definite reading on long-term bone health.  This ios nonsensical. 

Most studies show alcohol makes bones weaker    
Many studies over many years have shown how alcohol weakens bones, raises osteoporosis and increases the risk of bone fractures, but where were those studies over the last week?  Did anyone question it all?  Did any bone specialists come out and argue and state to the public that this study was completely flawed?

No, I only found one anywhere. 

Briana Rognlin wrote a great response article in on July 13, 2012 about it, as linked here:


Posted: Sunday 15 July 2012