Alcohol prices should go up say 80% of New Zealanders polled

Alcohol prices should go up say 80% of New Zealanders polled

I agree.  If you are serious about changing the binge-drinking culture that is literally robbing our youth of their future, then prices must rise, ages must rise and availability must decrease.  I am not a proponent of banning alcohol.  I am a proponent of making it far harder to get hold of and changing our culture around it.

Poll says raise the age and the prices
In the US, in the areas that have raised the drinking age back to 21, they have seen an immediate drop in drinking-related deaths.  This is a total no-brainer.  I voted against raising the drinking age in 1999 and I am still against it now.  I have seen first-hand the catastrophic damage it does.  When the dust settles after yet another tragic drinking death, everyone is full of remorse and wishes they had not drunk as much alcohol.

Why was the age raised in the first place?  Money and greed
The comprehensive Law Commission report said “the change to a purchase age of 18 in 1999 has led to more people drinking at a younger age, and greater numbers of under-20s in alcohol-related hospitalisations and road crashes”

In a recent New Zealand Herald article, 'Addiction Centre head Doug Sellman said the legislation in its current form was “a gutless non-reform” bill because it did not address alcohol marketing, pricing and sponsorship'.  He is right.  When are we going to get some leaders with foresight and the ability to make the right decisions for the future of New Zealand?  The future is our young people growing strong and in charge of their lives – not a booze-drenched culture of binge-drinking, pointless early death, tragedy, loss of life and domestic violence.

What is the #1 selling category in NZ supermarkets?  Wine.

What is the #2 selling category in NZ supermarkets?  Beer.

And we debate and wonder about why our society has drinking problems?

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Posted: Tuesday 3 July 2012