Apple peel compound may help ward off obesity

Apple peel compound may help ward off obesity

I am always saying to people “an apple a day keeps the doctor, heart attack, cancer, diabetes and obesity away”.  Apples contain so many different compounds and can be part of any health strategy to prevent almost all disease.  Apples are superfoods.  This latest study explains a little bit about how apples help to prevent obesity.

What is so good about the humble apple?
Apples contain both fibres – soluble and insoluble, pectin, polyphenols, high prebiotic levels, living digestive enzymes, a myriad of carotenoids, are safe and GMO free, 100% natural, with 60 co-factors that help stimulate disease-prevention genes in the gut, and help to lower cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and asthma rates.  What's not to like? 

The latest study has found that ursolic acid may protect against obesity.  Guess where ursolic acid is found in large amounts…?  In apple peel.  That is just the start – I could go on about apples all day...!

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As reported by MyHealthNewsDaily on June 22, 2012. 

Posted: Sunday 24 June 2012