How Do You Put a Nation on a Diet?

How Do You Put a Nation on a Diet?

The New York Times ran an article a few days ago on whether the obesity problem is an individual one or a National issue and they came up with the right answer; both.

The quotes from the article I liked as follows

“The causes of obesity are everywhere.  Societal factors play a big role: the lack of safe places to play, walk or bike; sedentary jobs; less time devoted to cooking and more eating out; bigger portion sizes in packaged and prepared food; and incessant marketing of junk foods that are high in calories” 

“Sugar-sweetened drinks accounted for at least 20% of the increases in weight in the United States between 1977 and 2007, according to one study cited by the institute”

“Between the early 1970s and 2000, obesity rates, as a percentage of the population, doubled in adults and tripled in children (the extremely obese adult population rose even more sharply).  Then the rates more or less plateaued at a disturbingly high level, a trend that has continued with data from a 2009-10 survey”

"This will be even more challenging than the fight against smoking.  But there isn’t any choice if we want to protect the public’s health, the strength of the economy and the government budget”

As reported by The New York Times on June 9, 2012.

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Posted: Wednesday 20 June 2012