An obesogenic environment is why you are fat

An obesogenic environment is why you are fat

A new report out of the US has some more damning and chilling reading about the global food chain.  This was sent to me this morning by a member of The Feel Alive Plan.  It is a great article and shows why we are losing the obesity, diabetes and health battle with our children.  This affects you regardless of where you live.

Some highlights from this article:

  • “In the political arena, one side is winning the war on child obesity; the side with the fattest wallets”
  • Explaining societal obesity means looking at what the food system is providing for us to eat
  • The Center for Science in the Public Interest, widely regarded as the lead lobbying force for healthier food, spent about $70,000 lobbying last year — roughly what those opposing the stricter guidelines spent every 13 hours
  • The food and beverage industry has more than doubled their spending in Washington during the past three years, completely outpacing public interest groups looking out for children’s health
  • Efforts to tax soda have been crushed; 16 states have been persuaded to prohibit lawsuits over fatty foods
  • Congress has even declared pizza a vegetable
  • The agriculture biotechnology giant Monsanto spent $8.8 million on lobbying in 2008
  • Other big names shelling out big cash on lobbying are Verizon, the American Farm Bureau, Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Koch Industries, the American Beverage Association, and, naturally, the American Corn Growers Association
  • As the 2012 farm bill heads from the Senate to the House of Representatives, it’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t just a farm bill — it’s a food bill, helping to dictate what kinds of food people can afford

Here is the full article as published yesterday:


Posted: Thursday 31 May 2012