Sales of alcoholic energy drinks jump 300% in 5 years

Sales of alcoholic energy drinks jump 300% in 5 years

Addiction experts from the University of Victoria have released a study showing that between 2005 and 2010, sales of alcoholic energy drinks jumped nearly 300%.  Why is this a problem?  Because alcoholic energy drinks are deadly. 

Alcohol is a relaxant. 

Energy drinks are full of stimulants. 

The body does not know what to do when these drinks are ingested.  The relaxing effect of the alcohol blended with the stimulatory effects of the caffeine is nitro-glycerine in the body.  They lead to longer and more active drinking sessions, which can lead to elevated heart rate with a slower brain reaction, leading to risk-taking behaviour, injury, driving drunk and sexual assault.

They turn on your “Hey everyone – watch this!”

They turn off your brain reasoning, speed, intelligence and thought processes.

Hand-mixed energy cocktails such as “vodka and Red Bull” can contain up to 200mg of added caffeine per can.  The maximum allowable is most countries is 30mg per drink.  Taking just one gram of caffeine can be deadly.  Many of these drinks have one fifth of that.  Then as you get more “drunk and buzzed” you lose sight of what you are drinking.  It is very easy to see how young people (or any aged people for that matter) can ingest one gram of caffeine within an hour of drinking. 

For many of them, this will kill them.  This happens every weekend all over the world.  

The #1 cause of sudden cardiac death is alcohol.  This is an even higher risk when you mix alcohol with energy drinks.  

Avoid them.  And educate your children on them as well.  

The Globe and Mail article sites “a 2010 online survey of 465 university students found 23% reported consuming a caffeinated alcoholic beverage in the past 30 days and on average, consuming two drinks in one sitting. About a fifth of students reported that the drinks helped them stay awake while drinking and “party longer” according to”

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Posted: Tuesday 29 May 2012