Michelle Pfeiffer is a smart woman and a good role model

Michelle Pfeiffer goes back to basics

At 54, Michelle Pfeiffer is still a stunner. 

What are her beauty secrets? 

Some “special unique skin product full of blessed ingredients from a wild-grown mystical plant?” 


She says “It’s really a big secret that everyone knows, but nobody wants to follow, because it’s so boring.  You just need to take care of yourself - watch your diet, exercise regularly and not party too much.  I also believe enjoying your life and not feeling unhappy or stressed is going to make a difference” she told the UK edition of OK! Magazine (as reported on stuff.co.nz – see the link below).

Your skin is grown from the inside - not the outside.  She is a wise woman. 

Read the full story here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/beauty/beauty-news/6999580/Michelle-Pfeiffer-goes-back-to-basics

Posted: Monday 28 May 2012