East Meats West as diabetes on the rise in China

East 'Meats' West as diabetes on the rise in China

Ever since mainstream Chinese have adopted the American diet, their obesity and diabetes rates have exponentially shot through the roof.  The Chinese people are now eating more food per serving, have more money to buy junk-foods and are eating American junk-food in particular, in record amounts…  Ironically they are now seeking help from American endocrinologists on ways to manage the negative by-products of that diet!

Interesting bits from the story in MedPage Today:

  • “In 2010, the prevalence of diabetes in China was nearly 10%,” said Guo Xiaohui, MD, from Peking University First Hospital, during a press briefing. “More striking is that 64% of those with diabetes are undiagnosed”
  • When asked if the Western diet is partly responsible for the increase in diabetes and obesity, he said,"More specifically, the American diet

Guess what diet we have been slavishly following in New Zealand, Australia and the UK for the last 20 years? 

And suffering from massive levels of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancers for it? 

The Standard American Diet (SAD).

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Posted: Saturday 26 May 2012