New Zealand, a smoke-free country – bring it on

New Zealand, a smoke-free country – bring it on

Abraham Lincoln once said something along the lines of “I am for that which brings the most benefit to the most people”.  I feel the same way completely.  The biggest cause of early, painful preventable death on Planet Earth is cigarette smoking.  It hooks you at age 14 (the average age that 90% of smokers get addicted) before your brain is fully formed and able to make an intelligent decision.  

Teenage brain:

"Hmm, do I really want to become a lifelong drug addict and be owned by a faceless corporation who I buy poison from?"  

"Do I really choose to damage the DNA of my children, kill innocent bystanders, friends and family, while dying slowly from a painful, preventable disease?” 

I don’t think so.

Over 400 innocent non-smoking Kiwis drop dead each year just because they happened to be around someone else who smoked. 

Around the world, 1,650 innocent people die every day - 600,000 per year - many children - just because someone else smoked around them.

“One-third of the patients who are in our hospital are here today because of cigarettes”
Nicotine Expert, Dr. K Michael Cummings of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

We were the first country to give women the right to vote. 

We could be the first country to throw out the biggest cause of death and suffering the world has ever known.

In the last 10 years alone cigarettes have conservatively killed 55 milion people.  This is more than all the World Wars combined.  


Bring on the end of cigarettes.  Bring.  It.  On.

Here is the report from The Washington Post about New Zealand:

Here is the report from Business Week about New Zealand:

Posted: Friday 25 May 2012