115 year old Jiroemon Kimura is still the world's oldest living man

115 year old Jiroemon Kimura is still the world’s oldest living man

On his 115th birthday a few weeks ago, the world’s oldest man, Japanese centenarian Jiroemon Kimura, with a smile on his face and in fluent English, said to reporters “Thank you very much. You are very kind man”. 

Don’t you just love this guy?

Kimura is just 237 days younger than the world’s oldest person, Besse Cooper, who lives in Monroe, Ga.

Kimura was born in 1897 (that alone is staggering eh?). 

Imagine the birthday conversation with him “Hi Jiroemon, I was born in 1967, when were you born?”  “1897…”

Get this though; this is the really cool part. 

He has:

  • 5 children
  • 14 grandchildren
  • 25 great grandchildren
  • 13 great GREAT grandchildren.

What is the golden wisdom Jiroemon has to pass on?  

“I have nothing but gratitude for the life I’ve been given”.

Of the top 10 oldest people alive on the planet right now, FIVE of them are Japanese.  This is astonishing.  Half of the top 10 all from one tiny little country about the same size as NZ.  What do they do so differently to us?  They eat differently and live a very different but totally compatible lifestyle to us.

Kimura himself eats a healthy strict diet, eating small portions, three times a day and is particularly fond of red bean cake and rice.  He says he believes the key to his longevity is to “eat healthy and in small portions”.

Sounds like The Feel Alive Plan advice to me…!  

As reported on April 19, 2012 by ABC News. 

Posted: Friday 18 May 2012