How Patrick Kauraka lost 60kg

How Patrick Kauraka lost 60kg

Don't you just love this story?  I saw it and I knew I had to blog it.  This guy was 142kg after a lifetime of eating crap.  He swapped the KFC for broccoli and look at him now 60kg lighter. 

This man is walking the talk.  I love it.  

My favourite part of this story from is how "He used to drink heavily every weekend and think nothing of eating a family-sized pack of fried chicken by himself..."  He said "I wasn't really happy as I am today".  His older brother Daniel Kauraka, 27, said “the change in his brother’s personality had been astonishing.  He is more approachable, he has come out of his shell a bit.  He was this geeky guy who sat behind his computer.  He used to just stay home and do nothing but he is now studying and has goals".

Here is the full story and pictures:


Posted: Tuesday 15 May 2012