Heart Disease in Ireland is a Western Way of Death

Heart Disease in Ireland is a Western Way of Death

DUBLIN - Ireland, a land of “happy wars and sad love songs,” is also a nation that “learned the western way of death from the United States, learned to overeat from the United States,” and is struggling to unlearn those lessons.  That assessment comes from Ian Graham, MD, of Dublin’s Trinity College, who chairs the Irish Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Prevention Council and is co-chair of the program committee at EuroPRevent 2012, which opened with “Ireland Day,” a series of presentations focusing on efforts to tame cardiovascular disease among the Irish.

Moreover, Graham noted, heart disease is a cross-generational health problem in Ireland as it is in the U.S. To illustrate his point, he introduced Robbie Walsh, a 39-year-old Dublin postman who had an MI at age 37.

The above is taken from the full article from MedPage Today.  It is a great little read about proactive doctors in Ireland.

Click here: http://www.medpagetoday.com/MeetingCoverage/EuroPRevent/32486

Posted: Friday 4 May 2012