Zac Efron gains weight and “it was harder to breathe…”

Zac Efron gains weight and “it was harder to breathe…”

The article says 'Zac Efron gained 8kg for his role in The Lucky One as a US Marine.  Efron worked alongside military professionals to prepare for the role, which saw him beef up considerably'.  The actor said "The amount of food I had to eat to put on weight is, for anyone, intense.  No dude, it's so impractical to stay that size.  It doesn't feel good in life to walk around like that.  I mean I was wearing different size clothes and it was easier to lie down than move around.  I felt like a slob just sitting around and just eating and eating.  It was harder to breathe even.  I was like, 'Am I wheezing?'"  

Overeating = breathing problems
I thought this small article had some real gold in it.  In our male attempts to be "Brad Pitt buffed" we can often do more damage than good.  Being strong with a high muscle content is great if you are active, fit and flexible and able to maintain it without great daily stress or the need to overeat every three hours. Sometimes we take things a little too far.  I think he looks great as the lean young man he was and this is clearly his natural body shape.  In the other photo he looks constipated (it could just be these two photos of course but to me he looks 10 years older, constipated and far less healthy with the weight on).

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Posted: Sunday 29 April 2012