Obesity movements defeated every time by US food companies

Obesity movements defeated every time by US food companies

Originally titled “In the political arena, one side is winning the war on child obesity” - see the link below

The side with the fattest wallets is winning the war (as always).

After aggressive lobbying, Congress declared pizza a vegetable to protect it from a nutritional overhaul of the school lunch program this year. The White House kept silent last year as Congress killed a plan by four federal agencies to reduce sugar, salt and fat in food marketed to children.

And during the past two years, each of the 24 states and five cities that considered "soda taxes" to discourage consumption of sugary drinks has seen the efforts dropped or defeated.

At every level of government, the food and beverage industries won fight after fight during the last decade. They have never lost a significant political battle in the United States despite mounting scientific evidence of the role of unhealthy food and children's marketing in obesity.

I particularly like the quote from this highly credible ex-tobacco industry, ex-sugar industry and now Pepsi-spokesperson: "Food processing is not an evil thing," said Derek Yach.

This is  GREAT article - very long but worth the read.  It shows why NZ does what we do as we follow where the mighty USA leads when it comes to food.  The full article is here:  http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/27/us-usa-foodlobby-idUSBRE83Q0ED20120427

Posted: Saturday 28 April 2012