Active 101 year old Dorothy Delow has plenty to teach us

Active 101 year old Dorothy Delow has plenty to teach us

101 year old Dorothy Delow is still playing ping pong and beating people decades younger than her age.  What does she have to say about it all?  “I don’t care whether we win or lose.  Mostly I love the company because I’ve been playing with these people so long they’re all my friends” 

A World Champion

Dorothy has now travelled the globe, competing in 10 veteran’s games, collecting a lounge room full of trophies and medals and winning the world championships when she was 82.  She only recently stopped driving at age 100!  She insisted she go to Mongolia to compete at ping pong, despite being denied travel insurance.  She risked yellow fever in Brazil because, at age 97, she was too old to have a vaccination.  Her doctor told her before she went “Do not have any intravenous drug use and do not have any unprotected sex…”  Age 97 she was in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest table tennis player.  She was interviewed by the ABC and asked if the fame had gone to her head, she replied “Yes.  I’m the biggest skite this side of the Black Stump”

She walked the talk and lived a long healthy life free of disease

She was interviewed by Dr Charlene Levitan from the University of New South Wales, who heads the Sydney Centenarian Study UNSW, and was asked: 

"Have you ever had a stroke?”  


“Have you ever had a heart attack?” 


How about diabetes?” 


Natasha Johnson from Genetic Repositories Australia also commented to the ABC about Dorothy and amongst other things, said “She raised two children and had a wide social network, didn’t smoke or drink, ate simply, exercised frequently, and has obtained an optimistic outlook despite heartbreaks - like losing her husband Elbert, and outliving her daughter Joan, who died of cancer at 49”

Dorothy’s final word

“I accept what’s dished out to me, it’s not always favourable.  But everything’s fine.  Lots of people are worse off than me”.

What an absolute treasure and inspiration she is.

Quotes taken from an original report by The Australian Broadcasting Corporation on April 17, 2012.

Posted: Thursday 19 April 2012