Heart deaths now kill one in three and predicted to get worse — much worse

Heart deaths now kill one in three and predicted to get worse – much worse

The countries being slaughtered by preventable heart disease are no surprise.  They are the countries eating the refined sugar-rich foods, mixed with high amounts of processed animal foods, wrapped up in the worst kinds of rancid fats.  In rough order, they are: USA, Finland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. 

What are the factors that lead to heart disease? 
The biggest cause of cardiovascular deaths is hypertension (high blood pressure).  Is hypertension curable?  Yes, through simple diet and lifestyle changes.  The huge INTERHEART study of 30,000 men and women in 52 countries showed that at least 90% of heart disease is lifestyle related.  There is a myriad of scientific papers now proving that heart disease is almost completely preventable and even in the worst cases, reversible with diet and lifestyle changes.  We have also seen recent proof that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables changes your genetic expression and can ‘turn off’ heart disease genes and protect you from cardiovascular problems – even if you are at a very high ‘genetic risk’.  Most people have most of the influential and modifiable factors very out of balance in their lives.  The key lifestyle factors you have complete control over are: smoking, drinking, overeating, diet, constipation, fibre intake (eating plants such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wholegrains and legumes), your weight, being fit, flexible and active, and having good healthy blood flow and blood pressure. 

The American Heart Association posted their annual report card on America’s heart health in December 2011.  Robert Michler, MD, surgeon-in-chief and co-director of the Montefiore Einstein Center for Heart and Vascular Care at Montefiore Medical Center in New York commented on it, saying, “What needs to be learned from this is very simply, that lifestyle cannot be eliminated from one’s heart health.  It has an enormous impact on one's health.  People have lost perspective on what is appropriate body size and meal size.  Every meal needs to be a conscious decision about portion size and what it is you are eating.  Every day the decisions you make will have enormous impact over the long haul.” 

What I suggest you do to avoid Heart Disease

  • Do not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol
  • Eat a plant-based wholefood diet based around leafy green vegetables
  • Regular intelligent fasting
  • Walk in the sunshine every day for at least an hour
  • Avoid all cola/fizzy/soft/energy drinks and high-sugar/high-fat processed foods
  • Getting eight hours of good-quality sleep each night
  • Staying slim and fit
  • Gentle but challenging weight-bearing exercise
  • Daily stretching, deep breathing, relaxing and meditation
  • Regular healthy loving sex

Hypertension cured through diet and fasting
Hypertension-related diseases are the biggest precursor to heart disease deaths.  There was a 12-year study at the TrueNorth Health Education Center and Cornell University with 174 consecutive hypertensive patients.  They were treated with a plant-based wholefood diet and fasting for one month.  All (100%) who started on medication were successfully able to stop medication by the end of the one-month program.  Almost 90% achieved blood pressure less than 140/90 — CURED.  This is a 90%-100% success rate of curing hypertension with diet alone.  After 6 months, all tested patients averaged blood pressure of 123/77.  After the first 100% successful study on 174 patients, another study was done on 64 people with moderate hypertension and they responded exactly the same way — CURED.

Cardiovascular disease is not a death sentence
There are many cultures around the world that do not suffer heart disease the way we do.  The Japanese eat the highest levels of fibre in the developed world and have the lowest levels of heart disease.  North America eats the lowest levels of fibre and has the highest heart disease deaths.  Fibre intake has a direct relationship with heart disease.  Where do you get your fibre from?  Plants.  There are ways and means of preventing, reversing and treating heart disease naturally and very effectively — without drugs.  I have seen this happen with people I have worked with, my mother included.  I have also known people to die young from cardiovascular diseases, years before their time, after decades of poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.  It takes time and effort to transform your heart health but it is worth it.  Worth it to you, your kids, your family, your friends and hopefully, your grandchildren.  

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The INTERHEART Study of 30,000 men and women in 52 countries showed that at least 90% of heart disease is lifestyle related.

Posted: Wednesday 28 December 2011