The sad reality of what being overweight REALLY does to the human body

The sad reality of what being overweight REALLY does to the human body

This is not politically correct to talk about but New Zealand is currently the #2 fattest nation in the developed world (we recently overtook even Australia) and we have the #4 highest diabetes rates. We have 270,000 diabetics and over 550,000 with pre-diabetes. This is a tragic preventable epidemic of biblical proportions. I have watched friends of mine eat themselves to death to overweight, to obesity and then the inevitable stomach cancer and stroke. 

Is diabetes preventable?  
Yes, around 90% of type II cases are preventable. Diabetes alone causes 50% of all heart attacks (around 40% of Kiwis die every year from cardiovascular disease), 50% of blindness and 50% of all amputations of legs and arms. Along the way it raises your risk of 34 different cancers dramatically. Type II diabetes is not to do with genes as your genetic expression is dictated to through your diet and environment. How do we know this? Through the ‘over 5,000′ identical twin studies and the massive migration studies showing that diet and environment plays a much bigger part than genetics. We know from the 70-page cancer review (The Global “War on Cancer” $30 million Study) done between 1971 and 1974 that, and I quote, ““genetics determines about 2% to 3% of total cancer risk”. The 100-year long ’1913-2011 Men Study by University of Gothenburg’ found that “Hereditary factors don’t play a major role. Lifestyle has the biggest impact. We do not inherit mortality to any great extent, but instead it is the sum of our own habits that has the biggest impact” and Harvard University Cancer Specialist Dr. Michelle Holmes has said “The genes have been there for thousands of years, but if cancer rates are changing in a lifetime, that doesn’t have much to do with genes”. 

We are eating ourselves to death
In 1997 we weighed 74.8kg on average. Now we are 85kg on average. Where has the extra 13kg come from? Where is it hiding? Inside the lining of your intestines, on your butt, thighs and neck. It will mess with your bacteria, run down your immune system and keep you unwell. It is not genes as they have not changed for around 40,000 years. NZ now has nearly 30% obesity rates (150% increase since 1980), NZ men now have THREE TIMES the cancer rate of their grandfathers, prostate cancer alone has risen 500% since 1980, childhood obesity is 200% higher than in 1980 and 25% of our 5 year olds are obese before school. Nobody else will say this but if you are obese at age 5, and remain so then you will very likely be dead in your 40s. Of the children born in NZ since the year 2000, 30% will become type II diabetics. TYPE II DIABETES IS 90% PREVENTABLE.  Knowing diabetics as I do personally, I would not wish diabetes on anyone. What is almost always the contributing factor to type II diabetes? Being overweight or obese with poor diet and lifestyle choices.

People can be healthy in all sizes. The challenges we face with the overweight/obese epidemic however are very serious, very deadly, and cause millions of people to die every year of painful early deaths. I am interested in teaching people how to live long, healthy lives without drugs or disease. 

To sum up this post, here is a quote from Dr Shigeaki Hinohara, one of the world’s longest-serving and most-experienced doctors, age 97:
“All people who live long, regardless of nationality, race or gender, share one thing in common; none are overweight.”

Posted: Saturday 22 October 2011